About Us

Hey, I’m ujjwal kem the founder of Elitelions. My goal is to spread knowledge, experience, and spread positivity to the rest of the world.


There are two main strategies in csgo betting usa: betting on the win of an unequivocal favorite with a gradual increase in the bank or betting on losing a revalued player.
If you bet on leaders, look for championships with big prizes and great motivation. In this case, the risk of match-fixing is reduced, and your bets begin to generate income. If you prefer little-known competitions with small incentive prizes, bet on outsiders. They can “shoot” at any level, play more harmoniously and responsibly, and can easily bypass even a favorite.
It should be borne in mind that at prestigious competitions, especially at the beginning, there are insignificant matches in which teams are not afraid to experiment.

Usually, they are on the right path to get success but somehow they deviate from the path of their destination. And for them, it became very difficult to come back again on the right path so here you will get to know about the success stories behind every successful elite person of the world.

Which will definitely boost your motivation two times than the previous one. And you will get daily basics motivational quotes which will never let your motivation down. If you will follow us then you will get the answer of this ”How lion become the king of the jungle”.

Elite Lions is a Digital Club, organized by Ujjwal Kem.

The Objective of this is to share motivational stories from all walks of life, that will bring the fire in your life and push you to achieve your goals.