Five skills that you should learn during the lockdown.

Five skills that you should learn during the lockdown.

Now you have a choice during lockdown

and during the Coronavirus,
and we are all stuck, right,

we are staying home, and now
you have a lot more free time.

Now could choose to waste that free time,

or you could choose to invest that time

to do something productive.

And I think one of the
most productive things

that you could do is
actually to learn a skillset.

Because when this is over,

when this thing is over,
and it will be over,

it is only a matter of time,

the world will start spinning again.

What are you gonna do, right.

Maybe you’re a little bit concerned,

maybe you have
unfortunately lost your job.

But when things get back to normal,

you will go out there and get a new job.

Are you ready, are you prepared?

Because things are different now.

Things have changed.

Industries have changed.

The world has changed.

So are you ready, are you prepared

to go after that new opportunity?

Or maybe go after that other
job that you’ve always wanted.

Or maybe go for that new promotion,

or go start that new business.

Whatever you want to do after this crisis,

what would allow you to
do a lot of those things,

are your skills.

I believe during this lockdown,

some of the most valuable
skills that you could develop,

that you could learn,
meet these

four criteria:

Number one,


has an immediate impact

on your life, your
career, or your business.

Not a skill set that it takes
years to see any results,

but something that you
could learn right now,

and you could implement.

Something that’s very very practical.


that it doesn’t
take you years to learn,

that you don’t need to
go back to school again

for four years of education.

Instead, you could learn
these skillsets in months,

or sometimes in a matter of weeks.

Number three,

that you could
learn from the comfort of your

own home, that you don’t need
to go to a physical location.

You could learn this from your computer,

just from your own home.

Number four,

you could
learn at your own pace,

meaning that if you want to binge watch,

and binge learn, you could do that.

Or you want to pace yourself,

you want to learn it
through a period of time,

maybe over a number of
days, or a number of weeks,

in your spare time, you
could do that as well.

So I believe skillsets that
meet these four criteria,

those are very valuable
skillsets to learn.

So what are the five skills

you should learn during this lockdown?

Now you can pick any one of them, don’t try to go crazy and learn too many.

Number one is coding skills.

Number one is coding skills.

Coders, programmers, developers, software engineers, they will always be in demand, especially with the virus. After this is over, think about the companies.

Forget the companies who couldn’t make it.

But think about the companies who survive.

If you were the business owner,

what are you gonna do differently?

Are you gonna take what you do
and automate certain aspects

of it, virtualize certain
aspects of your business.

Maybe you shut down completely
your physical locations,

and just do it online.

Things have changed, people learned.

They will structure their
business differently.

You will structure your
business and life differently.

We learn from it.

So what the Coronavirus did
is to accelerate that process,

it’s a trigger.

What it means is people
who know HTML, CSS, PHP,

they will be in demand.

So if you have an interest,

or you’re thinking about it,

coding skill is extremely valuable.

Skill number two ties to the coding skill,

which is digital marketing skill.

which is digital marketing skill.

More businesses, more companies,

if they have been doing
some businesses online,

they’ve been selling online,

now after this Coronavirus,
they will be more motivated.

Before, it’s like a, it’s nice to have,

it’s nice to sell online,
it’s nice to do social media.

Now, it becomes a necessity.

Now, it becomes the new normal.

Business who have always been
doing businesses just offline,

now they’ll be thinking
about okay, my goodness,

we get through this, we have to change.

We have to restructure our business model.

How could we take what
we do, and do it online.

Example, if you have, let’s
say you’re running a few gyms,

and you have people coming
in and out all the time.

Now with this, your gyms are shut down.

When you come back and
when you bounce back,

now you’re thinking, how can
I take my fitness training,

how can I take my nutrition plan,

how can I do this, and how
could I serve the world?

How can I sell this on the internet?

So what it means, if you
know how to build Funnel,

if you know how to generate traffic,

you know how to do MediaBuy,
you know how to build websites.

All those skillsets
will be high in demand.

It’s already high in demand.

But the ones who are good,
you will always be in demand.

Even though you may not be thinking about

doing digital marketing full time,

but if you are being
interviewed at a new job,

if you have that skillset, you
can bring that to the table

as so much more value to your resume.

Skill number three, CLOSING

Skill number three, CLOSING

The ability to close products or services,

to sell them over the phone,

or over the internet through Zoom.

Those are very valuable skills.

With the Coronavirus, with this crisis,

companies are now looking into
the entire sales division.

And saying oh my goodness, we
have all these sales people.

How could we outsource this?

How could we have a remote sales team

instead of a sales team
with a physical location?

How can we sell our products
or services over the phone

without a massive overhead?

They’re thinking differently.

So if you have the ability
to close phone sales,

if you have the ability to
close products and services,

companies are willing to
pay you a hefty commission

when you can demonstrate that quality,

when you can demonstrate
that you have that skillset.

Closing will be one of the
most high demand professions

in the world because
companies need revenue,

they need salespeople, they
need skillful salespeople,

and they need that more than ever,

especially when things
are coming back to normal,

they need revenue and they need closers.

Skill number four, Project Management.

Skill number four, Project Management.

Now, because of Slack, because of Zoom,

because of people working remotely,

companies working remotely,
companies outsourcing.

With so many projects going on,

that creates a new demand
for project managers, right.

People who are able to manage

different projects and get stuff done.

We’re talking about Scrum,
we’re talking about Agile,

we’re talking about various

project management methodologies.

With the complexity,
with so many companies

now even after this, moving more,

more motivated than ever,
moving more to virtual.

So guess what, with project managers,

or just people with
project management skills,

because now chances
are, you will be working

with people face to face,
but also you will be

working with other people,
other team members, remotely.

So this skill would be very useful.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you do,

doesn’t matter if you’re
working for a company,

doesn’t matter if you’re
working for yourself,

it doesn’t matter if you’re
running a home business,

this will be a valuable skill to have.

Skill number five, one of my favorites, COPYWRITING.

Skill number five, one of my favorites, COPYWRITING.

Every single social
media post that you see,

every single email, every single ad,

every single landing page, copywriters.

Companies that do any
type of content marketing,

companies that do any type of advertising,

they need copywriters,

and they will always
be needing copywriters.

Because it’s not just one
email, it’s not just one page,

it’s not just one article.

In order to stand out in this noisy world,

in this marketplace,

content marketing is extremely critical.

They will need someone
to write their script,

they will need someone to
write their social media post.

Almost every single company out there,

if they do any kind of
online marketing at all,

will need a skillful copywriter.

And the beauty with copywriting is,

it has nothing to do with writing,

it has to do with selling and closing,

that’s why I call that closing in print.

Copywriting is a learnable skill.

It is learnable, it is transferable,

it is sustainable, and it is doable.

If you want to learn
copywriting, if you want to learn

a skill that pays the bills,
if you want to learn a skill

that allows you to work
from anywhere in the world

from the comfort of your own
home, a skillset that doesn’t

take you years to learn
without getting into debt,

then learn this skill now without wasting your time that you have already wasted.


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